Chronology of Catholic Dioceses:Yemen

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Constantinople (Latin Patriarchate from now, de facto established by the Pope through Venice) - (Latin Empire of Constantinople) Turkey
Constantinople (AV, supplanting the Latin Patriarchal Vicars / suffragan Bishops) - (Ottoman Empire) Turkey
Aleppo (AV, detached from Constantinople AV) - (Ottoman Empire) Syria, Lebanon, etc.
Syria, Egypt, Arabia and Cyprus (AV, new name, previously Aleppo AV; see in Beirut) - (Ottoman Empire) Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, Arabian Peninsula
Egypt and Arabia (AV, detached from detached from the AV of Syria, Egypt, Arabia and Cyprus) - Egypt, Sudan, Abyssinia, Arabian Peninsula
Abyssinia [Lat.] (AP, detached from Vicariate Apostolic of Syria, Egypt, Arabia and Cyprus) - (Abyssinia) Ethiopia, Eritrea
Galla [Lat.] (AV, detached from AP Abyssinia) - Ethiopia

(1851 - Arabia transferred from AV Egypt and Arabia, to AV Galla)

Aden (AP, detached from AV Galla) - Arabian Peninsula
Aden (abolished, reattached to Galla) - (Abyssinia) Ethiopia
Aden (AV, and reerected, re-detached from AV Galla) - Arabian Peninsula
Arabia (AV, new name, previously Arabia) - Arabian Peninsula

The See of the Aden/Arabia jurisdiction was in Aden, (South) Yemen, until 1973. In that year, the Apostolic Administrator, and all the clergy and sisters were expelled, and the schools nationalized. With the permission of the Holy See, the Apostolic Administrator then took up residence in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

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